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Hospital Management System
Hospital Management System
what is Hospital Management System?

Hospital Management system(HMS)is nothing but a software. Hospital management software is a solution designed to help all the areas of the hospital. This includes medical, administrative and financial services. HMS is used to automate the majority of the tasks which promotes a smooth flow of work within the hospital. Not just that, but managing day-to-day functions also become quite easy. These systems are designed to work with the same accuracy for all day long. The best part is that it doesn’t even require any human intervention for it to function. You can assign all the work you want to the system, and it will get it done on time. This has resulted in a reduced workforce and costs — no wonder, why these systems have become so much prevalent within the health sector.

We are the A Hospital Management System should manage administrative, financial , clinical aspects of an health care organization. Patient Management, Physician Management, Treatment Management, Pharmacy Management are some of the modules in hospital management system. Patient Management modules includes the patient registration, medical history, appointment maintenance, drugs prescribed.Physician Management module covers the doctor's details, treatments given by them etc. Pharmacy Management Software should create a new invoice, create new customer record, accept payment using credit/debit cards etc. Pharmacy Billing Software should manage multiple pharmacies simultaneously and must allow pharmacists to switch between different pharmacies without having to shut down the program.Cloud based Hospital Management Software backs up the data during a system crash or power failure. Medical Records improves the patient safety and provides strong support for clinical decision making.communication between the physicians can be improved by using EMRs and helps to follow up patients easily.

What does HMS consist of?

An effective HMS consists of various minor products built specific to particular departments. These are:

Nursing Information Systems (NIS): Computer based information systems designed to help nurses provide better patient care

Physician Information Systems (PIS): Systems aimed to improve the practice of physicians and are also recommended by the government for deployment

Radiology Information System (RIS): :Systems popular for their ability to provide radiology billing services, appointment scheduling as well as reporting and patient database storage.

Laboratory Information System (LIS): Systems dedicated for Registration, billing, contract management, accounts receivables, work list, processing and reporting, Quality control, barcode - generation, printing and reading, in-built bi-directional interfaces with equipment

Cardilogy Information System (CIS): System with Ready HL7 interface or bundled with PACS and In-built Interface to Tally or bundled with Tally

Pharmacy Information Systems: Designed to address the demands of a pharmacy department and help pharmacists monitor how medication is used in hospitals

Material Management System (MMS): System designed for Item master maintenance - medical and non-medical

Clinical Data Repository (CDR): A standalone and XML-based interface to integrate with any HIS

Essential Aspects to while Developing the Hospital Management System:

When it comes to developing a reliable hospital management system, there are several critical things to look into. The system should be designed in a way so that it can aid the user in the required tasks. A hospital management software development company puts in a lot of effort and consideration into the development of the software. When developing an HMS, you need to make sure that all the essential aspects are fulfilled.

In the requirement gathering stage, you need to undertake a detailed study to analyze all the business processes that are likely to get affected by the newly developed system.

A visioning workshop should be conducted, and a draft document should be prepared to create a blueprint for future reference.

Once it is finalized, a requirement analysis along with documentation needs to be made. Depending on the complexities of the processes and the size of the establishment, many more follow-up workshops may be required. Meeting with various stakeholders are also need to be organized.

After the confirmation of the final design, documents with proper functional architecture should be prepared. This is required to be signed off by the required authorities, after which it is transferred to the system design team. The required system is then delivered according to the given specifications

Benefits of the Hospital Management Software Development:

A hospital management system is designed to benefit the healthcare industry. The main benefits that can be derived from the use of this software are as follows.

Easy operations: With the help of a hospital management system, the hospital staff including the doctors can function smoothly. All the required data can be easily availed from the system. All it takes a few clicks here and there, and you can have the data of a particular patient

Manage Appointments:The system is also used to manage patient appointments. With the use of this system, you can track, check, schedule and re-schedule the appointments. It makes the process much faster and easier.

Cost-effective: A hospital management system is also very profitable. This is mainly because it reduces the manual workload which as a result cuts down on the required workforce. Not just that, but it also reduces the extra costs that may incur because of human errors.

Accuracy: These systems are designed to perform accurately without any human intervention. You can assign all types of work to the system, and it will play with the same accuracy for all day long. In other words, it reduces the risk of errors.


The hospital management system is developed to aid the healthcare sector to improve their efficiency and productivity. With the use of this software, a hospital can gain good ratings. The software also proves to be useful in many other ways. Considering all the benefits it offers, it is hard to run or manage a hospital without a hospital management system



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